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Pulp pollution is a serious problem: Pulp and paper mills pollute our water, air, and soil. The pulp and paper industry is one of the largest and most polluting industries in the world; it is the third most polluting industry in North America.

There are about 500 kraft mills, and many thousands of other types of pulp and paper mills, in the world. Primary concerns include the use of chlorine-based bleaches and resultant toxic emissions to air, water, and soil. With global annual growth forecast at 2.5%, the industry, and its negative impacts, could double by 2025.

People need paper products and we need sustainable, environmentally safe production.

This site contains the results of over a decade of research into the operations of the pulp and paper industry and its mill processes.

We have several introductory articles on pulp & paper, clean production, and pollution, as well as research documents and campaign advocacy pieces we have developed to offer solutions.

You will also find links to other sources of information.

There's a lot of information here but it is by no means exhaustive.

If you are interested in a specific issue, we urge you to use the search engine - it will look in all the files on the site.


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