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Air Pollution


at a Chlorine Dioxide Bleaching Kraft Pulp Mill: How much, from where, and what are the health implications?

• Chlorine dioxide spill

Here's what happened in 1994: "At 1:10 in the morning of October 17, 1994, the MacMillan Bloedel pulp mill at Powell River experienced the worst chlorine accident in BC history. The top thirty feet of the wood stave vat storing final bleached pulp collapsed. Hurled projectiles ruptured two adjacent chlorine dioxide tanks, spilling 600,000 litres of chlorine dioxide, which was eventually pumped into the ocean. There were no human fatalities from the spill......" More from Winds of Warning

• Coal

Norske Canada (now Catalyst Papers) has a campaign to ease British Columbia into acceptance of the burning of coal in its power boilers.

More information

For more information and prelinimary 2004 data see Canada's National Pollutant Release Inventory.

You can download the useful and straightforward Citizens' Guide to the NPRI for free from the publications section of the Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy site at provides comparative ranking on both the national pollution inventory information and health and toxicity information for the chemicals from a very wide range of US government and international regulatory and scientific bodies. It also provides annual perspectives on the changes in pollution patterns in Canada, including the growth of pulp mill air pollution in BC. provides information on a chemical by chemical and health impact basis for the air pollution compounds relesed by pulp mills and other industry., the website of the Crofton Airshed Citizens Group, carries current information on air pollution developments at Catalyst Papers (formerly Norske Canada) Crofton mill as well as national developments.


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